Business Communication Training:

Most people can talk but is your communication effective. Are you getting the right outcomes? Can you get across in a group situation? New Horizons' business communication training programs are designed for managers and general staff members to enable the clear and concise delivery of ideas. These communication skills programs are very interactive and led by highly qualified instructors with real-world experience.

New Horizons currently offers the following courses in the area of Business Communication training:

Advanced Interpersonal Communication

In this course, you will learn how to develop effective communications skills that build positive interactions with others. The program is designed for a multi-faceted audience as it examines internal organisational communications (to subordinate, to colleague, to manager) and external [Read more]

Dramatic Grammatics

At the very best, poor grammar can have 'you' be considered as being sloppy. At the worst, it can make you a laughing stock or be thought of as stupid. It is unfortunate, but many people still judge people's competence on their written output because it is on record. A commercial enterprise [Read more]

Effective Influencing and Persuasion Skills

All of us need to influence or persuade someone at some stage in life. In the workplace, influence and persuasion skills are everyday necessities; crucial to achieving business outcomes. Without good influencing techniques managers use force and coercion, team members can get into conflict and [Read more]

Effective Presentations

With the wealth of information that people are subjected to today, the effective transfer and 'cut through' to those we wish to reach is a critical skill in business. The New Horizons' Effective Presentations Program examines the formalised area of information transfer – the presentation. From [Read more]

Mastering Email Communications™

Have your emails ever upset anyone? Have they caused friction, damaged a relationship? Have your emails been misunderstood? Has someone not read your email properly; or even ignored it? Does managing your inbox take too much time? If the answer is “yes” to most of these questions, you'll value [Read more]

Presentation Mastery

After having done a course in presentations and presented for a while, some presenters in the corporate arena, plateau; they are not necessarily bad, but they are not as effective as they could be and may get mixed results. Further, with the advent of new technology, blog videos and video [Read more]

Reports and Proposals Writing

Writing succinctly, creating 'cut through' or persuading specific audiences are not skills learned in high school or university. Yet such skills in reporting can pay big dividends to organisations through time saving, clarity of message and the removal of frustration. Further, proposals are [Read more]

The Effective Negotiator

The New Horizons' The Effective Negotiator Program teaches participants the basics of negotiations. You will learn the basic types of negotiation and how to use negotiation processes in multiple situations. You will be able to articulate the phases required for success and learn the concepts [Read more]

Think on Your Feet®

The Think on Your Feet® workshop begins with quick coherent thinking – the bedrock of communication – and ends with dramatically sharpening skills to speak more convincingly. The workshop provides all-purpose strategies for organising your ideas and shows how to match your message to your [Read more]

Write it Right

In the 'old days' there was a secretarial pool who typed up any letter of importance that was to go out of an organisation. These people were careful and made correspondence represent the organisation well. The need for precise and appropriate business writing has not disappeared but the [Read more]

Writing Technical Documentation

This two-day workshop introduces attendees to the process of writing good quality technical documents. Technical documents include procedures, instructions, manuals, and user guides. You learn to clearly define outcomes of what your writing must deliver, who your readers are, and how to [Read more]
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