OLLAnywhere Video Transcipt:

Virtual Instructor Led Training

OLLAnywhere is a revolutionary way of utilising cutting-edge technology to allow regional students to attend live instructor-led training from anywhere in Australia via our classroom in the cloud.

New Horizons' OLLAnywhere distance-training model allows students to experience the same award-winning training from expert instructors, access hands-on labs and use authorised vendor curriculum, all from a remote location. Gone are the days of having to travel long distances to attend training; now we bring the training to you!

OLLAnywhere at a Glance:

ATTEND your class from anywhere ATTEND your class from anywhere ATTEND your class from anywhere
your class from anywhere
you are - work, home, or a New Horizons location.
using labs in a virtual environment to gain
hands-on experience.
any part of your course for review or absence.
from industry leading and certified instructors with
real-world experience.
live feedback from your
instructor throughout
the course
in discussions via live audio
and visual feeds.

OLLAnywhere Courses:

Please see below for a list of currently available OLLAnywhere courses. Please visit the OLLAnywhere Schedule page to browse the complete listing of available courses and dates.
Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Primavera, Project, SharePoint End-User, Word & more.
Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PhotoShop & more.
Android, Cisco, Exchange, ITIL®, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Centre, Visual Studio, Windows Client, Windows Server & more.
OLLAnywhere Video Transcipt:
0:01: Meet Tom! He’s an Adrenaline junkie, who lives on the Gold Coast.
0:05: And meet Sarah! She loves to surf, and lives down in Wollongong.
0:10: Tom works as a freelance developer from home…
0:13: … and Sarah is a help desk analyst, at a local IT firm.
0:18: Over the years, technology and work demands have evolved…
0:22: … and they both think to themselves, “I need to update my skills to keep up the latest technology”.
0:28: But taking time off work will cost Tom billable hours he just can’t afford, and will keep him away from his family.
0:35: And Sarah, doesn’t want to commute all the way to the city, to attend training.
0:41: Introducing OLLAnywhere, a dstance-learning model, from New Horizons Learning Centres.
0:47: OLLAnywhere training courses can be accessed in regional areas, or anywhere else you are, via our revolutionary, ‘Classroom in the cloud’.
0:54: You now have access to New Horizons award winning training classes, right from your very own computer. 1:01: Your class is run by an industry leading, and qualified instructor…
1:05: … and just like a traditional classroom, your instructor delivers live lectures, demonstrations, and answers any questions along the way.
1:14: OLLAnywhere classes are interactive learning while students are in remote areas. Where you can communicate with classmates and the instructor through text and voice…
1:20: …And hands on labs help you develop practical skills.
1:24: OLLAnywhere courses are recorded, and archived, letting you review any part of the course for up to six months, so you can practice your new skills.
1:34: But why take our word for it?
1:37: Contact New Horizons today, to organise a free course preview, and experience OLLAnywhere first hand.
1:46: OLLAnywhere from New Horizons Learning Centres. Your Classroom in the cloud!

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