PAIATVS1 - Implementing Advanced TelePresence Video Solutions Part 1

PAIATVS1 - Implementing Advanced TelePresence Video Solutions Part 1

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This is a 5 day practical based course concentrating on the operation, installation, configuration maintenance and troubleshooting of the Cisco TelePresence C Series codecs, Cisco TelePresence MCUs and Cisco TelePresence Management Suite. In addition cover the basic configuration of the Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server to get your network up and running. As well as setting up your network, you will also use TMS and VCS to troubleshoot your network. Instructors will simulate faults on all equipment giving students the chance to put troubleshooting skills into practice.
Target Audience:
  • End user
  • Employee
  • Channel Partner / Reseller
At Course Completion:
At the end of the course students will be able to:
  • Operate the Cisco TMS
  • Install and upgrade the Cisco TMS
  • Describe several SQL management tasks and how SQL is used by the Cisco TMS
  • Manage zones on the Cisco TMS
  • Manage permissions on the Cisco TMS
  • Explain the components of the Cisco TMS and how they operate; you will know how to troubleshoot the different problems that occur with the Cisco TMS
  • Set up the MCU and find relevant documentation
  • Configure the MCU to interact with other video-conferencing devices
  • Operate the MCU, including creating conferences, changing layouts, and monitoring statistics of conferences
  • Customise the settings of the MCU for a particular user base
  • Manage global conference and template settings
  • Back up, restore, and upgrade the configuration and software on the MCU
  • Troubleshoot common errors and faults that are related to the conferences that are managed by the MCU
  • Explain the protocols and call-routing strategies of video conferencing, and install the Cisco VCS
  • Configure the Cisco VCS
  • Backup and restore the configuration on the Cisco VCS
  • Troubleshoot common errors and faults with calls in a telepresence system
  • Operate the Codec C90
  • Locate documentation
  • Set up, connect, and perform an initial operations check
  • Modify device configuration settings
  • Maintain the software
  • Troubleshoot common errors and faults in a telepresence system

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Module 1: Endpoints
Module 2: Call Control
Module 3: MCU
Module 4: Management

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