Managerial Skills Training:

New Horizons currently offers the following courses in the area of Managerial Leadership Skills training:

Business Problem Solving

The New Horizons Problem Solving Program examines the fundamentals of solving business problems. You will consider the need for problem solving, ineffective responses to problems, the elements of an effective solution, and learn the skills needed to for effective problem solving. Participants [Read more]

Call Centre Management

Manage an inbound call center, measure quality and performance, and motivate call center [Read more]

Change Management

The New Horizons Change Management Program teaches participants how to develop the skills to proactively address change and meet the challenges of transition in the workplace. You will work with various employee personalities to overcome the problems encountered when making changes in your [Read more]

Conducting Effective Interviews

The New Horizons' Conducting Effective Interviews Program teaches participants the fundamentals of interviewing. Participants will prepare themselves to interview a prospective employee by identifying the necessary skills and the type of personality that will fit best in the company. [Read more]

Conducting Meetings

The New Horizons Conducting Meetings Program teaches participants about planning, participating in, and concluding successful meetings. Students learn how to establish the purpose and agenda of a meeting, facilitate participants' progress toward the meeting goals, improve their leadership [Read more]

Conflict Resolution - Getting Along in the Workplace

All of us experience conflict. We argue with our spouses, disagree with our friends, and sometimes even quarrel with strangers at a football match. At times we lose sight of the fact that all this conflict is normal. So long as people are individuals there will be the potential for conflict. [Read more]

Effective Coaching for Managers

The 'human capital' of an organisation is one of its greatest assets. No matter how good a product is, the human component can 'make or break' a business. The transfer of knowledge and skill within organisations is a crucial part of this process and has implications on productivity, customer [Read more]

Effective Presentations

With the wealth of information that people are subjected to today, the effective transfer and 'cut through' to those we wish to reach is a critical skill in business. The New Horizons' Effective Presentations Program examines the formalised area of information transfer – the presentation. From [Read more]

Financial Management for Business Professionals

Financial Management for Business Professionals is an accelerated learning experience that will help non-financial employees understand how financial data is generated and reported, as well as how it can be used for improved decision making and [Read more]

Managing Performance

The New Horizons Managing Performance Program teaches participants the basics of creating a performance plan and the appraisal process. Participants will learn how to conduct a performance-planning meeting, document the performance plan, provide positive and constructive feedback, coach [Read more]

Stress Management

Today's workforce is experiencing job burnout and stress in epidemic proportions. Workers at all levels feel stressed out, insecure, and misunderstood. Many people feel the demands of the workplace, combined with the demands of home, have become too much to handle. The New Horizons one-day [Read more]

The New Manager

Most people get promoted to the position of People Manager based on their technical expertise but managing people calls upon a completely different set of skills. Because of this, surviving as a new manager can be difficult. 40% of managers new to a role don't survive in the role beyond 18 [Read more]

Think on Your Feet®

The Think on Your Feet® workshop begins with quick coherent thinking – the bedrock of communication – and ends with dramatically sharpening skills to speak more convincingly. The workshop provides all-purpose strategies for organising your ideas and shows how to match your message to your [Read more]
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