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Mastering Virtualization With VMWare VI 3.5

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Duration: 5 Days

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Course Outline: Mastering Virtualization With VMWare VI 3.5

Learning Method: Instructor Led

Duration: 5 Days


Virtualization technology provides organizations with the ability to run multiple virtual operating systems on a single hardware platform, with each operating system constrained to a logical partition of hardware resources referred to as a virtual machine. Corporations are recognizing the benefit of purchasing a single high powered server platform, then utilizing virtualization technology to populate that hardware platform with multiple guest operating system virtual machines, all of which share the same hardware devices and system resources.

Target Audience

Mastering Virtualization with VMware VI3.5 benefits system architects and network administrators tasked with building and maintaining virtual infrastructure based upon the VMware Infrastructure 3 line of enterprise virtualization products.


As the VMware ESX Server 3.5 virtualization product is based upon RedHat Enterprise Linux, basic familiarity with the Linux and/or UNIX operating systems and associated command line environment is recommended (but not required) for taking this class. Knowledge of Windows-based system administrative tasks and functions is also needed, as well as a good understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals.


Module 1 Introduction to Virtualization Technology
  • What is Virtualization?
  • Terms of Reference
  • The VMware Approach
  • VMware Products Overview
  • VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Overview
  • VMware ESX Server 3.5 Overview
The Core Four Resources
  • Module 2 ESX Server 3.5 Installation and Configuration
  • Preparing for the Install Process
  • VMware Hardware Compatibility Guides
  • Installation Best Practices
  • Virtual Infrastructure Client Installation
  • Student Lab Exercise
Module 3 ESX Server 3.5 Users and Groups
  • Understanding ESX Server 3.5 Authentication
  • Overview of ESX Server 3.5 Users
  • Overview of ESX Server 3.5 Groups
  • Creating a User Account
  • Student Lab Exercise
Module 4 Managing ESX Server 3.5
  • Overview of the Virtual Infrastructure Client
  • Overview of Virtual Infrastructure Web Access
  • Using the Service Console
  • Logging into to the Service Console with Secure Shell
  • Student Lab Exercise
Module 5 ESX Server 3.5 Architecture and Internals
  • Introduction to the Console Operating System (COS)
  • ESX Internal Architecture
  • Single Host Management
  • VirtualCenter Management
  • Student Lab Exercise
Module 6 Virtual Networking and Switching Part I
  • Understanding Physical NICs
  • Understanding Virtual NICs
  • Understanding Virtual Switches
  • Understanding NIC Teaming
  • Example Architectures
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 7 Managing ISO Images

  • The /vmimages Repository
  • Using ISO-Recorder to Create Install ISOs

Module 8 ESX Server 3.5 Storage Technologies

  • VMFS Overview
  • Local Storage
  • Fibre Channel SAN Storage
  • iSCSI SAN Storage
  • NFS NAS Storage
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 9 Guest Operating Systems

  • Overview of Virtual Machine Hardware
  • Virtual Machine Design and Planning
  • The VMware Tools Collection
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 10 Scripted ESX Server 3.5 Installations

  • Introduction to RedHat Linux Kickstart
  • Disaster Recovery Considerations
  • Creating a Scripted Installation Profile
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 11 Start and Stop Virtual Machines Automatically

  • Manual Start and Stop
  • Start and Stop in Any Order
  • Start and Stop in Controlled Sequence
  • Considerations for Maintaining VM State
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 12 Virtual Networking and Switching Part II

  • vSwitch Security
  • Load Balancing
  • Beacon Probing
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 13 Snapshots

  • Understanding Snapshots
  • Behavior of Snapshots
  • The Snapshot Manager
  • Snapshots via the Command Line
  • Checking for Snapshots
  • Performance Issues
  • Understanding Independent Disks
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 14 Performance Monitoring and Reporting

  • Understanding Performance Tracking
  • Understanding esxtop
  • Tracking ESX Server 3.5 Performance
  • Tracking Virtual Machine Performance
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 15 Managing ESX Server 3.5 Resources

  • Understanding Resource Reservations
  • Resource Pools
  • Processor Affinity
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 16 ESX Server 3.5 Security

  • Secure ESX Installation Process
  • Security Patching
  • Hardening the COS
  • SSH Security
  • SNMP Security
  • Physical Security
  • The COS Firewall
  • System Logs and Auditing
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 17 ESX Server 3.5 Backup and Recovery

  • ESX Server 3 Backup Procedure
  • Introduction to VMware Consolidated Backup
  • Using Scripted Installs for Recovery
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 18 VirtualCenter 2.5 Install and Configure

  • Introduction to the VirtualCenter 2.5 Architecture
  • Preparing for the Install Process
  • Users and Groups
  • Managing VirtualCenter 2.5
  • VirtualCenter Management Server
  • VirtualCenter Database
  • Virtual Infrastructure Client
  • Virtual Infrastructure Web Access
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 19 Update Manager

  • Overview of Update Manager
  • Understanding Baselines
  • Understanding Remediation
  • Scanning ESX Servers
  • Scanning Virtual Machines
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 20 VirtualCenter 2.5 Virtual Machine Cloning

  • Cloning a Virtual Machine
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 21 VirtualCenter 2.5 Virtual Machine Templates

  • Creating a Virtual Machine Template
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 22 VirtualCenter 2.5 Cold Migration

  • Differences between Cold and Hot Migration
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 23 VirtualCenter 2.5 Live Migration with VMotion

  • Processor Compatibility Issues
  • cpuid.iso
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 24 VirtualCenter 2.5 High Availability

  • Maintenance Mode with HA
  • Student Lab Exercise

Module 25 VirtualCenter 2.5 Distributed Resource Scheduling

  • Maintenance Mode with DRS
  • Student Lab Exercise 

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