Written Communication Skills Training:

New Horizons currently offers the following courses in the area of Written Communication Skills training:

Dramatic Grammatics

At the very best, poor grammar can have 'you' be considered as being sloppy. At the worst, it can make you a laughing stock or be thought of as stupid. It is unfortunate, but many people still judge people's competence on their written output because it is on record. A commercial enterprise [Read more]

Reports and Proposals Writing

Writing succinctly, creating 'cut through' or persuading specific audiences are not skills learned in high school or university. Yet such skills in reporting can pay big dividends to organisations through time saving, clarity of message and the removal of frustration. Further, proposals are [Read more]

Write it Right

In the 'old days' there was a secretarial pool who typed up any letter of importance that was to go out of an organisation. These people were careful and made correspondence represent the organisation well. The need for precise and appropriate business writing has not disappeared but the [Read more]

Writing Technical Documentation

This two-day workshop introduces attendees to the process of writing good quality technical documents. Technical documents include procedures, instructions, manuals, and user guides. You learn to clearly define outcomes of what your writing must deliver, who your readers are, and how to [Read more]
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