Business Intelligence On-Demand

With the introduction to Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI) on-demand or otherwise known as "Self-Service BI" has been a hot topic within the modern day business. Much like watching a favourite TV shows, we never want to see ads which gave birth to on-demand services such as Netflix.

Self-Service BI is an on-demand service that allows business professionals to access relevant data without the need to call upon the IT department. By implementing Self-Service BI through Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 platform, businesses are able free up IT resources reducing the overall cost to acquiring BI. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner New Horizons specialises in providing training for IT professionals for deploying such technology.

Self-Service BI Training Courses:

Self-Service Business Intelligence (SQL Server 2014)  
Start planning and implementing self service BI systems and empower your business professionals to create self service data models and reports.  
Data Quality and Master Data Services (SQL Server 2014)  
Garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). Dirty data is never a good input to produce credible analysis. Learn how to validate and clean your databases.
High Availability with SQL Server 2014  
Track valuable data and always make sure that its accessible anytime and anywhere. Create high availability and disaster recovery solutions.  
Big Data with Microsoft Azure HDInsight (SQL Server 2014)  
Cater for 'Big Data' and get started on implementing mass customisation analytics to provide greater insights using Microsoft's data platform.  

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