What our clients have to say about OLLAnywhere:

“The Online LIVE training course I attended with New Horizons Learning Centres had the same feel as the in-class training I had previously attended. The only difference was that I had the freedom to complete the training 650km away in my own workplace.”

"New Horizons provided us with great service and it was a valuable resource to be able to have access to training from anywhere. Our offices are geographically dispersed all over North Queensland so New Horizons’ Online Live method of training was a very much needed resource."

"Online LIVE is a great new concept. Loved how interactive and collaborative the training sessions were. I personally would prefer OLL over traditional instructor-led training."

"I prefer the OLL format as the convenience of receiving the training at my workplace allowed me to get to my work requirements once the daily training sessions were finished. I would rate OLL 4 out of 5."

"My entire OLL experience was smooth, successful and meaningful. Having a "live" instructor on hand has significant advantages over other online training formats."

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