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Club Memberships offer the most cost effective means for business professionals to enhance a range of skills over a period of time.

When someone joins a New Horizons Club, they can take as many classes listed within their Club as they want, during their membership period - all for one low price. Take just a few classes, take every class offered, or even repeat a class - all as a part of the Club Membership.

As an added bonus, many of our Online ANYTIME web based courses are included with Clubs to further expand our students learning opportunities.

Top benefits of a Professional Development Club:
  • Unlimited access to all courses within your club allowing for enhanced diversification of skills

  • Reduced overall training expenditure

  • Unlimited free course repeats

  • Courseware to take away

  • Complimentary pre-course assessments

Click on the images below to view the Professional Development clubs available at your nearest New Horizons training centre.

Should you have a query, please call 1300 794 006 or use the links below to contact your closest New Horizons centre via email:
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