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 Jun 14, 2018

Cross-country… No! It’s Cross-World In-Class Learning
Have you ever found yourself in the position where you wanted to join a course that was only available in another state? Or maybe you wanted your team to be trained by a specific trainer in Sydney, but your team is based in Melbourne. This usually means that you have to deal with airfares, accommodation and your team being away from home for a while to get the training they need. Well, new technologies enable us to bring traditional in-class learning into the modern world, connecting students and trainers from virtually anywhere across Australia.

New Horizons is excited to be taking another giant step forward in learning technologies. 

We welcome you to New Horizons Connected Classroom.

Connected classroom

How does it work?
We’re all familiar with online classes and presentations, broadcast from one location to the audience. Connected Classrooms are the next big step, broadcasting not only the instructor but also the students …  Australia, or anywhere in the world. Classes are live-streamed using the latest integrated Technologies from Cisco. Connected Classroom is a full audio-visual experience where students can see, hear and talk to the instructor as if they were in the same room. There are no limitations from where, or how you choose to connect. 

Connected Classroom

Get access to any course anywhere
Specialised courses are commonly run less frequently and in locations dependent on the instructor’s location. Connected Classrooms remove these barriers by allowing instructors to live broadcast their host classroom across Australia. As a student, you can interact directly with the instructor, with other students, share your screens, collaborate in group workshops, use the messenger app, and access learning materials. In short, it’s the full classroom experience without the hassle.

If your preference is to attend a course in-class, you can. If you can’t make it into the class, or prefer to connect online, you can do that too. It’s the same experience. We can even host inter-state dedicated training sessions for your organisation using Connected Classroom technologies.

There are now no limits to how you can learn.

What to look for when selecting courses
When selecting a Connected Classroom, look for the Connected Classroom Abbreviation, CCL, in the delivery column. Or, talk to one of our team to find the best option for you


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