The Endless Possibilities That AI Offers Today

 May 17, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change development and applications, enabling software to augment developers’ coding capabilities and applications to behave smarter. It will have a massive impact on the design and creation of software and it will significantly change developers’ jobs. So, the big question here is: how can developers leverage current AI capabilities today, and where are we headed? One thing is for sure: It’s a good time to start learning about Artificial Intelligence now.

An interesting read is the Forrester report “How AI will change Software Development and Applications”. Key takeaways from this report on AI are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Improve, Accelerate, And Disrupt The Software Development Life Cycle

A combination of AI technologies like advanced machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and business rules will have an impact on all steps of the software development life cycle, helping developers build better software faster. AI will disrupt how developers build applications and the nature of the applications they build.

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Enable Developers To Build Apps That Learn Like Humans

Machine learning and deep learning are the core AI technologies that developers should get familiar with to build applications that learn on their own. Developers will focus less on using coded rules to program applications to be smart and instead program algorithms or configure them to self-learn. Developers will integrate algorithms, compose, and source large data sets to train and test such apps.

  • Be Prepared For The Challenges And Risks of Artificial Intelligence

New AI-based systems will sit side by side with traditional programmed software for a long time to come. Integrating new with old — or even new with new — won't get any easier. Unrealistic expectations of AI techniques will strengthen the sceptics. Plan for integration skills, look for the right types of problems to solve, and set pragmatic expectations to avoid unattainable science fiction.

If this piques your interest, feel free to download the full report here!

AI is going to be everywhere for everyone
Microsoft has just confirmed their strategy to bring AI everywhere and to everybody. At Microsoft Built 2018, Microsoft showed that it’s happening. It is incorporating a dual strategy. First it is adopting and testing Artificial Intelligence internally. Microsoft uses its own large developer base to learn about the limits and capabilities of AI on improving software development. Secondly it is increasing the collaboration between its AI research teams and MS product teams. 

Diego Lo Giudice, in his blog talks about some things that wowed him in how easy Microsoft is making it for developers to pragmatically leverage current AI capabilities today in the real world. 
•    Machine learning and deep learning at the edge
•    AI at developers’ fingertips for building AI-infused applications
•    AI to assist developers while coding in Visual Studio
•    Proven commitment to open source and cloud DevOps

New Horizons is excited to partner with AI Australia to create and to provide you with learning materials on Artificial Intelligence that you need to stay ahead as a developer. 

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