SharePoint embraces AI revolution

 May 30, 2018

Microsoft SharePoint is in a rampant trajectory of mind-blowing innovations. Despite its maturity and solid presence in traditional document management solutions throughout the corporate world, SharePoint undisputedly leads the industry in document management services and collaboration and it has a bright future ahead.

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SharePoint continues to break through with the latest innovations, at the SharePoint Virtual Summit in May 2018, Microsoft unveiled SharePoint Spaces, the latest big introduction to the SharePoint family of services. SharePoint Spaces allows users to create and view mixed reality spaces through any device or browser without requiring headsets, as it will be viewable through a standard web interface on desktop computers and mobile phones.

At the Summit, Microsoft showcased many use cases for this exciting new feature, for example employee inductions, whereby new staff members can watch 360-degree videos to familiarize themselves with their campus from their desk, interacting with the video content from multiple angles. In a nutshell, SharePoint Spaces bring mixed reality to the workplace.

Building mixed reality experiences can be a complex development task involving the use of the extensive Microsoft’s software development kit for mixed reality. Now with SharePoint Spaces, power users have access to a simple point-and-click interface that includes templates for creating such experiences without coding.

SharePoint Spaces will come as standard part of Office 365 commercial subscriptions.

There are plenty more innovations coming to SharePoint right now and in the near future as the technology roadmap unveiled at the Summit clearly shows.

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