How does Cloud Security Stack up?

 May 22, 2018

Change and innovation are the fuel of the IT world. With the possibility of online downloads, updates and patches, it’s no wonder systems feel out of date after only a few weeks. This ever-evolving landscape can also become a choice for businesses, deciding between innovation or security. The age-old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” might be a strong opinion of businesses who are comfortable in their systems and don’t want to risk security trouble by migrating or updating to unknown systems. But business like this might soon that they are falling behind the curb in terms of innovation, efficiency and reliability.

Is the Cloud Safer?
Lets look at a Cloud Essentials Report by Oracle available here

If you think that storing secure data on the cloud sounds risky, you’re not alone. The 2016 Cloud Security Report by Crowd Research Partners revealed that 91% or organisations have security concerns about adopting cloud. At the same time however, only 14 percent believe traditional security is strong enough to protect against today’s complex threats.
So what to do?
Businesses like Oracle believe that it’s time to look to the cloud. In Oracles recent document of Cloud Security available here, Oracle states that:

“Oracle Cloud is built around multiple layers of security and multiple levels of defence throughout the technology stack. Redundant controls provide exceptional resiliency, so if vulnerability is discovered and exploited in one layer, the unauthorized user will be confronted with another security control in the next layer.”

The Personal Touch

Even with the best technology, malware, phishing schemes and advanced persistent threats get smarter every day. To solve this Oracle aligns people, processes and technology to offer an integrated defence-in-depth platform:

  • Preventive controls designed to mitigate unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data
  • Detective controls designed to reveal unauthorized system and data changes through auditing, monitoring, and reporting
  • Administrative measures to address security policies, practices, and procedures

Next stop Cloud?

Should Cloud be the next step for upgrading your business? Cloud technology is rapidly becoming the forefront of storage and services. Although it might seem like the safer and easier option, businesses that rely on traditional methods of storage and security may quickly find themselves unable to keep up with the capabilities of the Cloud and the security that can come with it. In an evolving world of evolving threats, Cloud security options like Oracle provide up to date solutions to make this new online environment safe for businesses around the world.

Find out how your business stacks up by requesting a security assessment from your local sales team at [email protected] or on 1300 794 006.


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