Challenges and Solutions in Cloud Migration

 Jun 01, 2018

Growth is always one of the key objectives for any company. And when companies do grow, it’s very rare that the IT infrastructure is built to accommodate this. As programs become more complex and data becomes much larger, it’s easy to run into problems with storage.


Many organisations find that the cloud provides a great solution for many of the challenges organisations face. Rather than investing in extreme amounts of internal storage, the obvious solution for most companies is to migrate that data to an expandable, and cheaper, cloud based storage solution.


Problems arise however when the data you are trying to move, include the systems that run your organisation. In one of our previous blogs we discussed how important systems integration is to a business, and how it can save time, effort and money for a business that has to deal with a lot of data. However, one downside is that migrating to the cloud becomes that much more difficult when dealing with integrated software.


The biggest question here is, as Oracle puts it, “How can you move your application workloads, their critical data, and the systems that rely on it to the cloud—without incurring unnecessary risks, costs, or downtime?”


Oracle Applications has recently released a digibook that looks into various use cases of cloud-migration that offer unique insight into the challenges involved. Ranging from moving applications, workloads, data management platforms and even database backups into cloud passed storage, these case studies can provide you with insight into some of the bigger issues surrounding business growth.


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