Scheduling Rostered Days Off (RDO) in Project 2013

 Nov 28, 2014

I am often asked how to schedule non-working time for resources in Project 2013 who have a nine day fortnight so I have put together this little set of instructions. It is actually a lot easier than you would imagine it would be. For RDOs, use the person’s resource calendar. It has the same name as that resource. (You can either use the “Change Working Time” icon on the Project tab and choose the “Resource Calendar” or you can go to the “Resource Sheet” and double click on the Resource you want to change.)
  1. On the Exceptions tab, add a name for the exception e.g. RDO, start date, and finish date for the RDO day.
  2. Click Details.
  3. Under Recurrence pattern, pick how often the RDO day repeats (e.g. every 2 weeks on a Friday).
  4. Under Range of recurrence, add the first non-working date in the Start box.
  5. Click End after or End by.
    • End after: Choose how many times it repeats.
    • End by: Choose when the repeating time off ends. (You could use the Project Finish Date or have no end date so that you could use this as a template calendar for future projects)
There you have it. A resource with a nine day fortnight that will repeat until the end of the project or if using this as a project template, indefinitely.

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