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 Aug 30, 2016

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful application that allows you to have meticulous control over your data and reporting.

The first step to achieving control is becoming aware of the different functions that Excel can perform.

To help you with this, we have compiled our top five most popular Excel blog posts of all time. Through these posts, our Microsoft Office Applications trainers share the answers to some frequently asked questions from the classroom.

So, read on to pick up some tips and tricks to get Excel working for you!

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 Jul 14, 2020

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that come up when I'm teaching Microsoft Excel courses.  Many people export their data from an accounting system […]

 Sep 15, 2020

Efficient Project Management involves displaying the project plan in a visual format. The tool used to do this is called the Gantt Chart. The Gantt Chart is a list of […]

 Jan 30, 2021

The =CHOOSE function in Microsoft Excel can be a confusing, but today, I’ll provide a detailed explanation about this very handy function. In general =CHOOSE(index_num, […]

 Feb 24, 2021

When creating macros in Excel (or another Office application), you often want to have the macro save the file of results as part of the macro. There are two main issues […]

 Jul 07, 2020

Sometimes you require imitating the operation of Autofill to the last cell in Excel VBA. This is when you double click the little dot located at the right bottom corner […]

How do your Excel skills stack up?   

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How do your Excel skills stack up?   

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