Non-Breaking Spaces & Non-Breaking Hyphens in Word

 Oct 09, 2015

Most of the time we separate words with a space. But occasionally we use a hyphen. There are also En Dashes and Em Dashes, but let’s not overcomplicate things!

When we get to the end of a line in Word, the cursor moves to the next line and our sentence continues. But what if we don’t want the two words separated. For example:


Notice how “New Horizons” is on two lines? To fix this, we can insert a Non-breaking space. To do this, instead of typing a normal space, we would press Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar. It would then look like this:


The same principle applies to hyphens between words. For example:


The paragraph above looks better without separating “non-breaking”. To insert a Non-breaking hyphen, press Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen. For example:


If you forget the keyboard shortcuts to insert these two characters, you can also go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon and choose Symbol and then More Symbols­­. Then click on the Special Characters tab and you’ll find them.

For more information, take a look at New Horizons' Microsoft Word training courses.

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