Selecting Layers in a Visio Flowchart Diagram

 Oct 26, 2015

Visio enables the creation of a multitude of different types of diagram. Flowcharts, however, are one of the most common types. Formatting a flowchart can be made much easier by selecting shapes based on what layer they belong to.

Each flowchart shape added from the either the Basic Flowchart Shapes, Miscellaneous Flowchart Shapes or SDL Diagram Shapes stencils is automatically assigned to the Flowchart layer. Any connectors added by way of the Connector Tool or from a stencil (Connectors stencil or otherwise) are automatically assigned to the Connectors layer.

To select ALL shapes belonging to a particular layer:

    1. On the Home tab of the Ribbon, choose Select > Select by Type
    2. In the Select by Type dialog box, choose Layer
    3. Tick either Flowchart or Connector 4. Click OK

All the shapes in the chosen layer become selected to format, delete or resize them.

For many more tips and tricks on using Visio 2010 or Visio 2013, see the range of New Horizons Visio courses here.

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