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Jan 30, 2021

New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology receives the first of 8 intakes for 2019

Monday, 14th January was a brand new start for the new students starting their studies in Australia at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology. New Horizons […]

Nov 01, 2020

Introducing Microsoft Azure Role Based Certifications

At Microsoft Ignite 2018, the company announced significant changes for how they will certify Microsoft skills for Azure. The new paths going forward for Microsoft […]

Oct 01, 2020

What makes this Diploma of Information Technology different?

STUDY IT IN AUSTRALIA AND GAIN MICROSOFT CERTIFICATIONS AT THE SAME TIME If you want to become a website and app developer that can work anywhere around the world, […]

Oct 01, 2020

An Advanced Diploma of Information Technology with an advantage

STUDY IT IN AUSTRALIA & GAIN GLOBALLY RECOGNISED CERTIFICATIONS. If you’re serious about a career in IT, you need to know how to plan and manage complex […]

Sep 26, 2020

Gain a Project Management Qualification with PRINCE2 included

STUDY PROJECT MANAGEMENT IN AUSTRALIA – WITH PRINCE2® CERTIFICATION INCLUDED Project managers are known to be the people who get things done. As a project […]

Sep 20, 2020

10 Ways to Enhance your IT Leadership Skills

10 WAYS TO GROW YOUR IT LEADERSHIP SKILLS Effectively managing an IT department requires expertise in a number of areas, from understanding the work environment, to […]

Sep 12, 2020

Understanding Cisco Certifications

Understanding Cisco Certifications Whether you are an experienced network professional or just starting a career in technology, Cisco training and certifications can […]

Sep 11, 2020

6 Steps to Communicate across your Organisation

6 STEPS TO COMMUNICATING ACROSS YOUR ORGANISATION Communicating effectively is challenging. Communication within an organisation is the foundation for development and […]

Sep 06, 2020

Discovering the digital workplace of the future

For many organisations the digital transformation strategy has been treated as a luxury or at best, handled on a project by project basis. It is now more important than […]

Sep 06, 2020

The Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Cloud adoption is speeding towards a new era. Lines between private, public and hybrid cloud are blurring as the technology becomes accessible for all. From a […]

Sep 04, 2020

VMware Cloud comes to Australia and New Zealand

VMware recently announced its availability of VMware Cloud on AWS for customers in Australia and New Zealand! For seasoned VMware users this will be an exciting […]

Aug 29, 2020

Predict your data with Excel Forecasting

Predict your data’s future using a Forecast Sheet  (Excel 2016 – Subscription Version) Did you know that you can easily create a forecast when […]

Aug 08, 2020

How to manage your transition to Microsoft Office 365

If your organisation is looking to move to Office 365, it's important to plan exactly what steps you want to take, when to perform them, and who will perform them. […]

Jul 19, 2020

Information Lifecycle Management – It’s not too hard!

By Haylee Fox and Jessica Roberts, Myriad Technologies Businesses, and more extensively the world, is full of information.  Emails, tweets, instant messaging, […]

Jul 16, 2020

What is on the Horizon from Microsoft

Update: Microsoft Inspire has come to an end. There have been some exciting announcements and important focuses to take note of. Scroll down to read more. Today marks […]

Jun 28, 2020

3 Quick wins for your remaining training budget

3 Quick wins for your remaining training budget The end of the financial year is here, and – who would have thought- you still have some money left in your […]

Jun 14, 2020

The next step in Online Education

Cross-country… No! It’s Cross-World In-Class Learning Have you ever found yourself in the position where you wanted to join a course that was only […]

Jun 07, 2020

Active Listening

Listening skills are part of Professional Communication. Communication is an umbrella term which involves getting a message across to others in such a way that the […]