Recording screen action in PowerPoint 2013

 Jun 09, 2015

PowerPoint 2013 now has a feature that enables you to take a full-motion screen capture. This could be very useful to demonstrate a process as part of the presentation content. The February 2015 update to PowerPoint 2013 added this feature.

To record the screen:

  1. Go to the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon and click “Screen Recording.”

  2. screen-recording-01 PowerPoint then minimises, the screen greys out and PowerPoint awaits an area to be selected that will be recorded.
  3. On the Screen Recording toolbar that appears, the “Select Area” button should be activated.

  4. screen-recording-02
  5. Click and drag an area to record.

  6. screen-recording-03
  7. Click the Record button on the toolbar.

  8. screen-recording-04
From this point, the recording process captures everything that happens within the designated area. There is a pause button on the toolbar to temporarily stop recording and buttons to toggle on and off whether the mouse pointer and audio are recorded. Once you are finished recording, click the Stop button on the toolbar. Third party screen capture software has been around for years, but now that PowerPoint has the ability, making training presentations just got a whole lot easier!

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