A fantastic add-in for OneNote 2013

 Jun 05, 2015

The ability to add and format tables in OneNote 2013 allows users to create sophisticated tables and store the information required in a very easy to read style.

Office OneNote Gem Add-Ins allows the user to create formulas and it includes a set of formula commands under the Table Tools Tab Layout and Gem.

The Table Tools Layout Tab contains options for selecting, inserting and deleting the table, columns, rows and cells. It also contains options for formatting, aligning and sorting the data in the table. The user can convert the table into an Excel Spreadsheet as well.


The formula cell now can remember the formula used.

The Table Tools Gem Tab contains options for applying table styles, move cells, sort, filter, fix width, use formulas, convert table to text and send a table to Excel.


To calculate in a table using the OneNote 2013 Gem feature, insert a table first:

  1. Click the “Insert” tab and go to the “Tables” group.
  2. Click “Table” and then select the “Insert Table” option.
  3. Type the number of columns and rows you want to insert.

  4. onenote-addin-03
  5. Click OK.
  6. Type the data you want displayed in the table

  7. onenote-addin-04
  8. Add a total row below and to the right of the table and name the labels.

  9. onenote-addin-05

To calculate the totals by day, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select the empty cell at the bottom of Monday column.
  2. Click the “Table Tools Gem Tab.”
  3. Go to “Formula” group and click on the Formula button. The default ADD function and ABOVE scope are displayed.

  4. onenote-addin-06
  5. Click “Calculate.” Do the same for the other 4 days. Your table should look like the one below.

  6. onenote-addin-07

The next step is to calculate the totals by subject.

  1. Click the empty cell below Total by Subject
  2. Click the TABLE TOOLS GEM Tab
  3. Go to Formula group
  4. Click the Formula button. The default ADD function and ABOVE Scope are displayed. You have to change the Scope to LEFT to sum the dollars for the Access subject

  5. onenote-addin-08
  6. Click Calculate. Do the same for the other subjects. Your table should look like the one below.

  7. onenote-addin-09

Visit the OneNote Gem site to download a trial version or purchase this plug-in:
There are other wonderful features of OneNote Gem Add-Ins, which I will discuss in the next few blog posts.

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