Your essential guide to performance feedback

 Oct 13, 2016

End of year performance reviews are not most people’s favourite conversations. Even if you don’t have formal reviews, you most probably have to deliver some feedback to your team on their performance (and receive some feedback from your manager!)

Giving feedback well is a fine art. There is no magic formula, either: how your feedback is received depends on so many things. Your relationship with the person, how you deliver the message, even the time of day that you pick has a certain impact.

Two of our star trainers have shared some of their experience and wisdom on giving feedback well in the below blogs. If you want to go even further, check out our Deep Dive Series course: Feedback That Gets Results For Coaches And Managers.

 Sep 02, 2020

One of the ways to ensure workplace goals are achieved is to provide your team members with regular feedback about their work performance. While most of us recognise […]

 Nov 26, 2020

Feedback is sometimes difficult to deliver when it is unpleasant, or makes either or both parties feel uncomfortable. For whatever reason, sometimes the skills are […]

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