Troubleshooting Office 365: Real solutions

 Jun 01, 2015

I had a question not long ago in regards to OneNote and OneDrive not syncing anymore, and no matter what was tried, it didn't work.

The problem

office365-sync-01 office365-sync-02

The solution

OneNote (or even Windows) has a cached version of your password. It also doesn't help to login in again, sign out, delete the cache in OneNote, and so on. To reset your credentials, you need to go to Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > Credential Manager, as per the following screenshot.


There you will find Office-specific caching of the live account with a strange name like:

MicrosoftOffice 15_Data:live:cid=

Delete that, restart OneNote and everything should be fine again because you will be asked to log in to Office again with your own password.

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Barend Koekemoer  

Barend is one of New Horizon’s highly experience IT Technical trainers with over 15 years of practical IT experience as well as experience in administrating, planning and executing projects and automation systems. He began his career in IT working for a South African government organisation and has since become a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist and a Microsoft Certified IT Professional.

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