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Sep 02, 2020

Voice Resiliency Features of Lync Server 2013

Voice resiliency is a great feature of Lync Server 2013 which ensures the voice functionality (ability to make and receive calls) is available to users in the event of […]

Aug 14, 2020

Networking requirements planning in Lync Server 2013

In today’s article, I will shed light on the area of network requirements planning in Microsoft Lync Server 2013 with a strong focus on Quality of Service and bandwidth […]

Aug 04, 2020

Get online with Lync Online

What is Lync Online and how do I migrate on-premise users to it? In today's blog post, I'll give you the answer to this great question. Lync functionality is […]

Jul 21, 2020

Networking architecture in Lync Server 2013

Lync Server 2013 is suitable for small organisations and for testing purposes where all functions run on a single box. The enterprise version of Lync Server 2013 allows […]

Jul 01, 2020

Monitoring communication sessions in Lync Server 2013

In Microsoft Lync Server 2013, the monitoring role is required to collect performance metrics about the communication sessions. Previously, monitoring required an […]

May 07, 2021

Response Groups in Lync Server 2013

Response Group is an application in Lync Server 2013 that routes and queues incoming calls to a group of agents. Instead of assigning numbers to individuals, the […]