Win the next productivity award with Microsoft Project

 Aug 25, 2016

Are you spending a lot of time in Microsoft Project? Do you want to cut down time updating your project schedule and spend more time on the actual project?

Check out these three handy blogs from our resident Project Management guru and Microsoft trainer Magdalena Todor.

You can also take a look at the courses that Madgalena teaches at New Horizons, such as Project Management Fundamentals, Microsoft Project 2013, Project Risk and Budget Management, and the Project Management Bootcamp.

 Jul 22, 2020

As mentioned in my previous blog posts (3 settings that will increase your efficiency in Microsoft Project & Automatically reach your deadlines with scheduled tasks [...]

 Jul 07, 2020

In my last blog post (Automatically reach your deadlines with scheduled tasks in Microsoft Project), I explained that there are a number of global settings in Microsoft [...]

 Jun 23, 2020

In order to work more efficiently in Microsoft Project 2010 and 2013, there are a number of global settings you must change. If you don't change these global [...]

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