Designer’s guide on the Golden Ratio - Why it matters

 Aug 26, 2016

Maths and art – how are they related?

The Golden Ratio is a special ratio that is used in many great works of art, as well as in contemporary designs. It’s also known as the golden section, the golden mean, and golden proportion.

Plato considered the golden section to be the key to the physics of the cosmos. Renaissance artists used the Golden Mean extensively in their paintings and sculptures to achieve balance and beauty. Leonardo Da Vinci, for instance, used it to define all the fundamental proportions of his painting of “The Last Supper”. The Golden Ratio appeared again in the 1980s in quasi-crystals, a newly discovered form of matter! It’s an incredible role for a ratio to play.

In design, The Golden Ratio provides a sense of artistry – fostering natural looking compositions that are pleasing to the eye. Find out how you can use the Golden Ratio (and play your own part in human history!) through the below posts from Creative Bloq.

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