How-to: Give access to a list only in SharePoint 2013

 Jul 21, 2016

To be able to use a SharePoint List, naturally users first needs to get to the Site where the List resides. However there may be occasions when certain users are not allowed to view contents of a Site but should be able to view and use contents of a List within that Site. The solution is very simple. What you need to do is give those users Restricted Interfaces for Translation permission level to the Site. This restricted permission level allows users to open Lists and Folders and use Remote Interfaces only. After that you can go to the List and set appropriate permissions for the users.

Of couse you put all these users inside a Group first before giving the Group the permission level.

What you need to make sure is that the members of this Group should not be a member of any other Group that has any kind of site permission in this Site otherwise they will have at least site View permission.

Also remember to send the URL of the List to the users because they can only access the List from outside its Site, unless you have a link to the List from within another Site.

Hope this has helped,
Cyrus Mohseni

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