Project Contract and Vendor Management

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This workshop was designed to provide a practical structure to assist you to effectively manage vendor and partner relationships. We will discuss the entire lifecycle of the relationship from concept, through solicitation and selection, and finally through the life of the contract to closure. The focus of this course is on how the strategic management of the contract is dependent upon the type of contract that you have in place. This course is aligned with PMI's PMBOK.

  • Identify the elements and components of a contract
  • Use contracts and best practices in your projects
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of procurement & contracting
  • Learn terms and conditions that may be found in contracts
  • Describe basic legal concepts related to contracts
  • Describe the rights of buyers and sellers
  • Outline the contents of a procurement plan
  • Recognise the importance of defining your scope of work (SOW)
  • Choosing the Right Contract
  • Start Up
  • Performance Management
  • The keys to an effective relationship
  • Planning inspections and audits
  • Tracking against the contract
  • Resolving issues early
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Dealing with Troubled Contracts
  • List common problems encountered in managing contracts
  • Identify specific management and technical performance problems, their usual causes, and preventive/corrective actions
  • Develop action plans to solve performance problems
  • Transitioning from managing employees to vendors: a paradigm shift
  • Change management implications
  • Setting up the seeds for successful vendor relationships
  • Establishing effective vendor governance processes
  • Assessing the relationships on a regular basis
  • Establishing a proactive performance management system
  • Describe the contract closure procedure
  • Describe and explain why contract closure is necessary
This course is suitable for anyone involved in the purchasing or procurement processes. This includes Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Engineers, Business Analysts, Project Office Staff, and others.
  • Understand the PMI Procurement Framework
  • Define the role of the project manager and other roles in the procurement process
  • Analyse stakeholders and their impact on the contract objectives
  • Understand contracts and specialised terms and conditions
  • Match types of contracts with specific techniques to manage the contracts
  • Conduct a contract risk analysis
  • Manage the contract throughout the lifecycle with specific criteria
  • Create a contract breakdown structure
  • Manage conflicts & deal with common issues
  • Use vendor relationship strategies
  • Close the contract and document lessons learned
  • Vendor management
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