Make a Form Read-Only in Access

 Jun 27, 2016

Forms are interfaces that enable users to read from and write to a table. In Access, through forms you can show or hide what you want users to see or not to see. Therefore by default, a form is set to write to a table, but there are occasions where you want them to allow users just to view data rather than alter them. In this case all you have to do is get to the form’s properties and set Allow Edits to No.

There are a few other options in the list shown in the picture that you can use to change the way forms behave.

You can set Data Entry to Yes. This will allow users to be able to insert a new record by showing them only a blank new record to fill in and will not let them to see the existing data. Of course for this to work you need to set Allow Edits and Allow Additions to Yes.

You can allow Edits but prevent record deletions. This way the Delete option on the ribbon will be disabled.

Hope this has helped!

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