The importance of Integration

 May 15, 2018

Integration, integration, integration. It’s the software buzz word of the year and becoming more and more important every day. For systems that businesses use every day like email and client tracking, integration between systems can save time and offer a much better experience to both client and seller.


Often companies find themselves falling down a path of short term solutions. Using one-time solutions rather than investing time and money into a work flow for the future. Even though it is simple to type in an email address and send someone an email, it is often far more productive to invest in the complex solutions involving setting up web forms or generating automated responses.


Customer management is easily the biggest system that suffers from a lack of integration in today’s businesses. In an effort to create personalised relationships with customers and clients, businesses often hinder themselves and sacrifice time, efficiency and growth by hand tailoring solutions through various small systems. By using a series of small, specific systems that don’t communicate, businesses gradually create webs of data that are easily lost or confused.


In comes Integration. By using Integrated software, information is all available in one location that is readily available and always up to date. The effect this has on business is far more than simply ease of access. Integrations can increase productivity, dramatically improve response time, significantly reduce IT time wastage and cost and create an environment ripe for accelerated growth.


Learn more about Integrating Microsoft Dynamics into your business


At the forefront of integrated business solutions is Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 communicates across a huge variety of systems and add-ons to create the perfect environment for businesses to excel.


If you want to find out how Dynamics 365 and Outlook work together and how it can help your company, you can watch the replay of our recent webinar by our integration partner Barhead.


Barhead Solutions are a Microsoft Gold Partner who focus on implementing IT business solutions specifically Dynamics CRM and Power BI. In this webinar Lisa Crosbie shows you how to link emails, tasks and appointments to records in Dynamics 365, and how to create new leads or contacts in Dynamics 365 directly from Outlook. You will also see how this enables you to get a 360-degree view of customer communications in Dynamics 365, and how the new Relationship Assistant in Dynamics 365 can draw your attention to important emails using sentiment analysis.


Watch the full replay here and keep an eye on the New Horizons Events page for upcoming events

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