Customise the navigation drop-down in SharePoint

 Nov 12, 2015

Change the width of the top link bar navigation drop-down in SharePoint.

When you have a sub-site under another sub-site, the top link bar will show you a small arrow to navigate to that site. By clicking on the arrow you get a drop down that lists all the sub-sites underneath the site. Sometimes though the title of a site is too big to fit in the dropdown as shown in the picture;

Img 1

Here the sub-site Information Technology is wrapped in the drop-down box under Technical.

You can fix this by modifying the underlying Cascaded Style Sheet shown below. If you are using a customised style sheet you need to open it and make these changes, otherwise in SharePoint 2013 you need to modify Corev15.css file. You can either open Corev15.css by typing the following URL in a browser:


When prompted to Save or Open, select Open. The file will open in SharePoint Designer if you have it installed.

Or if you have access to the file system on the server then you can get Corev15.css via Windows Explorer. It is normally located here:

C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions15TEMPLATELAYOUTS1033STYLESThemableCorev15.css

However the best way is to get to C:Program FilesCommon Filesmicrosoft sharedWeb Server Extensions first and then search for Corev15 from this folder.

Once you have Corev15.cssopened all you have to do is find the entry ul.dynamic which is normally as shown in the picture:

Img 2

Then, change the line.




That’s all you need. Save the file and refresh your browser. You should now see this.

Img 3

Hope this has helped.

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