Putting Theory Into Practice

 Mar 20, 2019

Being tech-savvy is an assumed skill in the digital age and indeed, the future workforce is all about technology.  The Australian technology sector is booming, with start-ups and global corporates alike, dominating the job market and demanding new skills and knowledge from their staff.

Digital networking is how we communicate and grow as workers.   

Mobile and global teams working in far-flung locations, are using cutting edge communications and cloud-based technologies to deliver their projects. Multi-national corporations’ task their onsite staff to work with independent consultants from around the world. These people must have the capacity to work collaboratively and productively, via cloud-based software such as Microsoft’s SharePoint and Project apps.

Today’s student needs to learn these skills through their course of study.  It is critical this knowledge is second nature BEFORE they start their first job.  

New Horizon’s qualifications integrate these skills in into the curriculum, building skill-competence in our students through their daily use.  Learning tools such as CISCO’s Webex enabled audio-visual communication and presentation platforms, are incorporated in student learning supporting familiarity and workplace skills capability.

Vocational training resources including hands-on learning labs from official vendor certification providers are included in the study experience.  These high-quality materials are unique in the academic sector and, depending on which qualification undertaken, introduce students to Microsoft SQL, Prince2® project management methodology and Microsoft’s cloud server Azure!

This is the learning experience our international students receive when they study abroad and how New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology takes our international students’ learning journey to the next level.   

“At New Horizons, we feel it is important for students to learn critical relationship management skills, as this helps them both in terms of understanding relationship dynamics when managing teams, as well as in responding to their superiors when they eventually move into new jobs and embark on their career path,” says Kasie Mowczan, Head of Learning and Development at New Horizons.

As an example, during this past week, our students gained leadership skills and the confidence to overcome challenges in complex IT projects. Employing role-plays, case studies and scenario-planning is a fun way to build hands-on confidence in communication and problem-solving skills.  Group work, lectures, tutorials and self-paced learning labs provide a variety of avenues to practice the implementation of new knowledge and manage people.

The key areas of learning centred around:

  • Managing ideas and information
  • Establishing systems to develop trust and confidence
  • Managing the development and maintenance of networks and relationships
  • Over-coming challenges to achieve positive outcomes

In today’s digital world, students graduate from New Horizons with the skills and capability to succeed.  Watch this space as we bring you more about the activities our students are completing in class.

If you have students interested in studying IT in Australia, and gaining a quality information technology education, contact the team at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology for more information on [email protected]


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