PRINCE2® – Foundation

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This three day Foundation course will provide you with a sound understanding of the PRINCE2® components and process model and will prepare you for sitting the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam (1 hour multi-choice) at the end of the course. Exercises are used throughout this course to reinforce learning. Exercise sessions account for approximately 20% of the course.

This course includes:

This course is designed for anyone requiring a detailed understanding of the PRINCE2® method or wishing to pass the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. For those requiring a greater focus on the practical application of PRINCE2® within your organisation or for different types and sizes of projects, it is recommended that you attend the PRINCE2® In-Practice Course.
There are no specific prerequisites for this course. However, if you have a clear idea of the outcomes and benefits to be delivered from projects that you are involved in, you are likely to gain more value from the discussions and exercises and be better placed to apply PRINCE2® pragmatically.
  • Understand the PRINCE2® processes and practices in detail
  • Clearly understand the benefits of using PRINCE2®
  • Understand typical problems of project management and how PRINCE2® can be used to reduce these problems
  • Set-up and manage a project using PRINCE2® processes and practices (with support)
  • Advise management on project progress and status in-line with PRINCE2® standards
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