No need for meeting notes anymore!

 Sep 24, 2015

OneNote is a program that allows you to keep all your notes in one place, but I find some people in my OneNote courses ask “But why wouldn’t I just use Microsoft Word?”

Here is a compelling feature of OneNote that make it a very useful program.

Recording Audio or Video in a meeting

In OneNote you can record audio or video.

In the Insert Tab, click on Record Audio or Record Video.

This takes you to Audio and Video pink contextual tab.

Recording Meetings using OneNote

While in the meeting you may want to make written notes as well. You can click anywhere on the page and type your written notes while the meeting is going

This is very useful as OneNote actually marks when in the meeting you made the written note.

After the meeting, if you select and hover over the written note you made, you’ll see a little play symbol.

Recording Meetings using OneNote

If you click on the play symbol, the audio or video will play and here’s the really useful bit:

It plays from the time you made the note!

This means my cryptic note about the speaker making a ‘good point’ actually helps because I can play the bit of the audio that was where the speaker made the good point.

Note: The audio actually starts playing from 5 seconds before I made the note, which makes sense because I won’t write the written note until I hear and absorb what the speaker has said.

If you want to change how many seconds OneNote goes back, you can do this under:

File – Options – Audio and Video

Recording Meetings using OneNote

Anyway, I hope that helps you see OneNote is a very useful program. Next time I’ll talk about another very useful feature of OneNote when you are making written notes from another file.

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