Learn a little or a lot anywhere, anytime.

Now you can build Microsoft technical expertise while balancing the demands of your schedule. The new MOC On-Demand series courses combine high-quality video lectures, live hands-on labs and knowledge-checks in a self-paced format to help you build skills as your schedule allows—all at once or five minutes at a time.

Currently Available MOC On-Demand Courses

MOC On-Demand at a Glance

Self-Paced Learning

The modular structure offered by MOC On-Demand courses lets learners complete training piecemeal or in an order they choose.

Immediate Feedback on Mastery

Knowledge checks at the end of each module and each course tell learners whether they’ve mastered the content and are ready to move on.

SATV Eligible

Similar to In-class Microsoft official curriculum courses, MOC On-Demand is eligible for payment via 2 x Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

Direct From the Source

MOC On-Demand is brought to you by the people who wrote the software. The content is based on the official Microsoft official curriculum (MOC).

Learn Anywhere Anytime

The high-quality in-depth video content, labs and knowledge checks are all available to you via the cloud 24 X 7.

Live Hands-on Labs

Unlike other on-demand offerings that offer simulated labs, MOC On-Demand gives customers a live, real-time environment for hands-on training.