Meet one of our International Students – Yasmin

 Mar 07, 2019

Today we had the pleasure of getting to know a little more about Yasmin, one of our students studying ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology in our New Horizons Sydney campus.     

Yasmin is originally from Brazil. She came to Sydney in 2016 to finish her high school studies. She loved Australia so much she chose to pathway to our Diploma of Information Technology programme.   

When we asked Yasmin why she chose Information Technology studies specifically she explained; “I’ve liked IT since I’ve been a kid. I’ve played lots of video games, and still play lots of video games now (out of class of course). My goal is to become a game developer.”  Yasmin is incredibly self-disciplined and has already started to learn skills in Python, Java, Javascript and general HTML and CSS scripts. 

Talking more about her decision, she commented “I liked the variety of courses here, the combination of the programme. They’re very specific and separated into different softwares. I like that a lot. I couldn’t find that at any other school. It was always very general topics about IT.” 

Outside of class, Yasmin is also working part time in a specialty food store here in Sydney, and working part-time in New Horizons’ internship option assisting in the IT team. ”I feel like it’s going to improve my learning a lot. It’s a great opportunity.” said Yasmin.    

Yasmin also went on to explain how she’s enjoying the variety of student nationalities in class and has a great mix. There are more females than I expected, and it shows as New Horizons really advocates for developing females in technology. It’s great to be here. 

We wish you the best for your future Yasmin and can’t wait to be a part of your studies and career journey in Australia. 

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