Aug 30, 2016

To establish ITIL roles in the various ITIL processes, included within the structure is a responsibility matrix known as the RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) model.

The R stands for Responsible – This defines the role of the person who is responsible for carrying out a task, activity or a process.

The A stands for Accountable – This defines the singular role of the person who is accountable for activity or process. Thus taking ownership of the activity and would therefore under governance be accountable for the compliance of the task the activity or process.

The C stands for Consulted – This would be someone who we would consult for their expert opinions or additional information for any task, activity or process.

The I stands for Informed – These would be the people who need to be informed of any task activity or process taking place. Keeping them in the loop.

Typically the matrix will have a vertical left had column with a listing of activities and processes a top row with the roles

Using this matrix the responsibilities are allocated so clear boundaries and distinctions of roles are defined. This will help improve communication and give an understanding and appreciation of the roles from teams by allowing us to create a cross functional view for all to see.

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