What makes this Diploma of Information Technology different?

 Oct 01, 2018


If you want to become a website and app developer that can work anywhere around the world, you’ll want to get the best possible training. Training that employers recognise, trust and value.

There is no other qualifications quite like the ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology from New Horizons. Not only will you learn to develop websites and mobile applications using the latest technologies, you’ll also gain globally recognised vendor certifications from Microsoft, Java8 and PRINCE2® to add to your CV.

New Horizons is the leading technology training solutions company for hundreds of corporate and government clients world-wide. When you study at New Horizons Australia you’ll study with Australian business professionals also studying at the school. Perfect for developing your global business network.

Graduate with much more than just a Diploma of Information Technology.

Here’s a breakdown of how the New Horizons Australia programme works, what additional certifications you can gain, and how you can start your website and app developer career in Australia.

How you'll study 

The first thing you will learn is how to map out what functionality the website or app requires. Does it need a shopping cart, what systems does it need to connect with, what other applications does it need to plug in? You'll learn how to plan and gather all this information in a professional way before you start.

Next you will learn how to design and develop code using the same techniques professional web developers do. You’ll start with learning the basic principles of programming, and then move on to more advanced skills, developing your own code. You’ll gain skills in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and more.

Not only will you gain strong development skills, but you’ll also learn leadership and team management skills. If you want to get ahead in your career, knowing how to work with, and manage others is important.

New Horizons will provide you with a timetable each term outlining what classes are scheduled and when you’ll need to attend class. In most cases you’ll attend 2 days a week, but there may be some weeks where you need to attend for 5 days. In Australia, International students can also work up to 40 hours a fortnight.

The Units of study you will be required to complete include:

  • ICTICT509 – Gather data to identify business requirements
  • ICTICT511 – Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the enterprise
  • BSBCRT501 – Originate and develop concepts
  • CUADIG502 – Design digital applications
  • ICTPMG501 – Manage ICT projects
  • ICTPRG505 – Build advanced user interface
  • ICTPRG409 – Develop mobile applications
  • ICTICT406 – Build a graphical user interface
  • ICTPRG527 – Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills
  • ICTPRG525 – Build Java applets
  • ICTWEB411 – Produce basic client-side script for dynamic web pages
  • ICTWEB429 – Create a markup language document to specification
  • ICTWEB501 – Build a dynamic website
  • ICTWEB502 – Create dynamic web pages
  • ICTWEB503 – Create web-based programs
  • BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • BSBWOR502 – Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • BSBSUS501 – Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  • BSBWHS501 – Ensure a safe workplace
  • ICTICT419 – Work effectively in the digital media industry

You can download a copy of the full course outline here.

How do I gain the Certifications?

As you progress through your course Units, you will be completing, in parallel, the following Certifications:

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PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2® Foundation course is a 3-day course which covers the fundamental components of project management and will prepare you for sitting the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

The Exam is a 1-hour multi-choice exam. This is not a mandatory exam for your Diploma, however to receive your Certification you will need to sit the exam and pass it. Once passed you will be rewarded with the PRINCE2® Foundation CPD badge.

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

You'll study the Official Microsoft course, designed to teach you the key principles in developing HTML code, developing and integrating CSS3 stylesheets and Javascript data validation scripts. Once you complete and pass the exam for this course, you'll earn your certificate of completion to showcase your capabilities.

Learn Java8 using Eclipse

This specialised course introduces you to the Java programming language. It teaches you how to develop Java applications using Eclipse software. You'll learn the syntax of the Java programming language, how object-oriented programming works, and how to manage exceptions. You will develop and test your own Java applications during the course.

There is no exam, however you will be required to complete the tasks outlined in the course and complete the required assessments.

Management & Leadership Skills

Our leadership training is designed to give you the foundation skills and practical techniques necessary to assert yourself in a management position.

You will learn how to establish yourself as a Manager, how to set expectations with your staff, how to delegate, give and receive feedback and how to manage conflict. Most importantly you will learn how to lead the team towards success.

There is no exam, however you will be required to complete the tasks outlined in the course and complete the required assessments.

What will my career look like after these studies?

If you look at any job description for a front-end website developer, you’ll find similar things: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript coding abilities, a solid knowledge of mobile responsive design and the ability to integrate back end systems.

What will separate you from other website developers, is not just having good technical skills, but also having strong project management and leadership skills.

You will learn all these skills at New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology – and have both the Qualification and Vendor Certifications to prove it.

After your studies you could look to specialize in website, mobile app, software programming, IT networking or IT support careers. 

The way that New Horizons Qualifications are structured, you can also enrol in a further 1.5 years onto the ICT60115 – Advanced Diploma of Information Technology and advance your skills even further, adding cloud and database development skills to your CV.

University Pathways are also available

On completion of the ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology with New Horizons, you could pathway to one of our University partners in Australia.

By completing your studies in this way, you gain all the practical and theoretical skills necessary for a career in information technology and set yourself up for more advanced studies. You’ll also save time and money by reducing your study period at University.

Enrolments are now open – and Special Offers are available.

If you wish to build a career as a web developer, gaining globally recognised certifications and a nationally recognised qualification, Download the course outline and lock in a special 2019 enrolment discount.

ICT50115 – Diploma of Information Technology is delivered nationally by New Horizons Australia Institute of Technology under CRICOS No. 03641J | RTO No. 91656.

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