Introduction to Application Development for the Apple iOS


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This three day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop Apple iOS applications through a variety of available development tools and techniques. It introduces the new features and concepts being introduced with the new version of the iOS SDK. The course focuses on user interfaces, program structure and implementation details.

  • Application Structural Design Patterns
  • Object delegation, talking to other objects
  • Target-Action
  • Model-View-Controller

  • Xcode - Apple’s Integrated Development Environment
  • Interface Builder - Drag and drop user interface creation
  • iOS Simulator - Run an iPhone/iPad on a computer
  • Instruments – learn how to profile, optimise and debug code with this powerful tool
  • Reading and making the best of Apple’s documentation.

  • How to program an application in Objective-C - Foundation Objects used to program an iPhone application
  • Examples of similar concepts in C#, Java and C++ and how to implement these concepts in Objective-C
  • Learn how the language has evolved in the past five years

  • Basic User Interface elements and implementation
  • Drag and drop user interface creation
  • Multiple techniques to handle touch based input
  • Linking an interface files with code.
  • Implementing the building blocks of all iOS applications

  • In depth look at iOS application design and implementation
  • Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Applications without reading the manual – platform consistency
  • Going from idea to design through to implementation
  • Categorising an application and rules for each category
  • Giving the user feedback, make the application a joy to use
  • Structuring the many different views in an application
  • Supporting Retina Display devices

  • Recognising and reverse engineering design elements in other applications
  • Developing a customisable table capable of holding large data sets
  • Structuring and interacting between multiple views
  • Designing an applications interface using a programmable storyboard
  • How to store data on the device
  • How data is stored on the iPhone and iPad
  • Simple Data storage
  • File storage
  • Saving objects directly to the filesystem
  • How to use Apple’s object management system - Core Data
  • What is iCloud and how to utilise it
  • SQLite
  • Shared storage resources

  • Graphical frameworks
  • Colour branding applications
  • Custom graphic drawing
  • How to program amazing animations
  • 3D Interfaces
  • Playing custom audio in an application

  • Getting the GPS coordinate of the device
  • Receiving the device’s physical orientation
  • Utilising the microphone framework

  • Pushing notifications from a company server to an iOS device
  • Adding maps into an application
  • Send emails and SMS’s within an application
  • Utilising Apple’s Multitasking
  • Create time or location based notifications without a server
  • Running code in the background
  • Integrating an application with the users calendar and contacts

This course is intended for both beginners and experiences programmers. Familiarity with Mac OS X is desirable but not required.
Before attending this course, it is highly recommended you have programming experience with one of the following languages:
  • C++, C#, Java or Objective-C (Objective-C knowledge is not a requirement and will be covered during the course)


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