Event Fundamentals for Non-Project Managers

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This workshop provides practical knowledge and hands-on exercises that will provide the skills needed to plan and track an events type of project successfully. Students learn to develop, coordinate and manage a broad range of events, sites and facilities. The objective of this workshop is to bring all the participants to a common level of understanding of the planning, monitoring, executing, and closing (debrief) event projects from small meetings through to large conferences.

This course can be customised to specific event management needs. Some examples of aspects that can be included through customization are: volunteer management, media relations, food and wine pairing appreciation, and sales.

  • Describe key project & event management terms and concepts to a common level of language
  • Identify project success and failure factors
  • Describe the project life cycle and relate to students current and future work
  • Learn how to write Project Objectives in a way that will drive effective event plans
  • Practice writing a Project Charter to ensure a common vision and direction
  • Identify event objectives and measurable success criteria
  • Identify and map key stakeholders
  • Identify Management Plan contents and learn how to scale your methods to the size of the event
  • Learn the importance of developing a stakeholder management and communications strategy
  • Practice defining clear scope that will guide decisions throughout the event life cycle
  • Practice creating an effective Work Breakdown Structure to make sure all the work is covered
  • Practice the essentials of Risk Management and instill a proactive vs. reactive approach
  • Understand basic concepts of project scheduling and task management
  • Learn how to define roles and responsibilities and develop a RACI chart
  • Managing operational work with project work: time management strategies
  • Discuss the importance of managing changes and decisions
  • Learn effective management of all logistics associated with the event
  • How important proactivity and follow is to success of the event
  • Dealing with unexpected issues
  • Communicating progress and updating plans
  • Communicating with internal and external stakeholders
  • Identifying and Managing Issues
  • How to capture Lessons Learned
  • Developing an event debrief
  • Wrap up
This workshop is designed for individuals who are not in formal project management roles or full time event management roles yet can benefit from learning practical tools and techniques for event management that they can use as part of their administrative role. Audience can include administrative assistants, executive assistants, novice event managers, functional managers, department managers, business unit professionals, and front line staff. This course is for anyone who needs to develop skills in planning and running events projects.
  • Learn to plan and deliver successful meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.
  • Gain skills for developing budgets and forecasts
  • Learn critical project planning skills aligned to Industry Standards
  • Discover the benefits of developing a Work Breakdown Structure that can be reused
  • Gain insight into the importance of planning for risk including risk mitigation and contingency planning
  • Learn specific considers involved in format and venue selection
  • Learn key aspects of registration, catering, accommodation, transport, theming, and security
  • Understand how to engage stakeholders throughout the process
  • Examine the considerations when sponsorship is considered
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