Earned Value Management

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Attendees will understand the power of using Earned Value as a practical control and monitoring technique designed to provide added value and insight to their overall project control process and appreciate the steps necessary to implement an effective EV system in their organisation. Using Earned Value techniques in a practical business oriented manner adds significant additional information and power to project control process. This course outlines the techniques and processes needed to implement EVM in an effective and practical manner.

  • An overview of Earned Value
  • Decomposing the project scope using the Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures
  • The WBS Dictionary
  • Developing a Time Phased Budget
  • Setting the performance management baseline
  • Developing the Performance Management Baseline (PMB)
  • Time phasing work packages
  • Assigning Costs
  • Definition of key elements of Earned Value
  • Assigning objective measures of performance
  • Percent Complete, Apportioned Effort, Level of Effort
  • Accumulating and reporting project cost and performance data
  • Adjusting actual cost data to align with performance measures
  • Analysing the performance data
  • Analysing Performance
  • Forecasting ‘At Completion’
  • Understanding and interpreting EV data
  • TCPI and Trends
  • Maintaining the performance baseline
  • The 20% stability rule
  • Course Wrap Up
This workshop is designed for project manager and planners who would like to introduce or expand Earned Value usage in the organisation or learn to use Earned Value as part of their professional development plans. This includes Functional Managers, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Engineers, Project Office Staff, and others.
  • Establish the planning foundation for Earned Value Management
  • Understand the key EVM factors, terminology, calculations
  • Conduct EVM analysis and implement changes based on analysis
  • Analyse resource needs for management, including planning for an EVM program/project linked to risk
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