DEEP DIVE Series: Social Intelligence - Relationship Tactics

4 Hours $0

“There’s not a lot of time to build relationships, there’s too much to do. Anyway, we don’t come to work to play and chat, that’s for after work in their personal life.”

“I thought the discussion went well, then I heard that the person had gone to her team mates crying.”

“My manager should be on this program, she has no idea about invading people’s personal space.”

These are some direct quotes from participants in some of our management programs. Perhaps they sound familiar.

In this 4-hour workshop, examine the three essential elements of building relationships through Social Intelligence. These three are: trust, respect and the non-verbal aspects of communication. Whilst the workshop focuses on the manager or coach’s skills, the first two need to be reciprocated for a relationship to be effective. We will also cover how to create it in others. Many managers who have advanced because of their technical prowess, often lack some of the core components of emotional and interpersonal skills necessary to lead their teams/departments effectively, yet often cannot afford to develop themselves due to the need to hold things together.

This workshop is a part of New Horizons' DEEPDIVE series, that applies a 4-hour course format, assisting business professionals to save time, stay up to date with the skills that matter, and dive down into specific information that is important.


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