Dude, Where's My Ruler?

 Aug 07, 2015

A common question I get asked in Microsoft Word courses is: “where’s the ruler gone?” Since Word 2007, the ruler has been hidden by default. To display it simply go to the View tab in the Ribbon and tick the Ruler checkbox. Another hidden gem in the same place is the Navigation Pane. Both of these make using Word much easier for certain tasks. ruler

The Ruler

The Ruler enables you to see your margins, tabs and indent markers. All of these can be modified with the ruler too. You can double click on a tab to open the Tab dialog box, double click on an indent marker to open the Paragraph dialog box and double click on a margin to open the Page Setup dialog box.

The Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane enables you to navigate from heading to heading quickly or browse using page thumbnails. It is also where the basic Find options are. Either click the Find button on the Home tab or press Ctrl + F and Word puts your cursor into the Navigation Pane’s Search Bar. For more on Word’s many features, have a look at New Horizons' office applications courses.

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