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 Jun 30, 2016

There aren’t a lot of different view types, but you can create many views with each of the different types available. You can also create custom views with SharePoint Designer, but this is too advanced for most people and you would need the appropriate permissions. I’ll cover the main types, and I’ll leave the advanced stuff to the experts.

To show you more on SharePoint Views, I created a list:

Standard View

Here’s the standard view, which is normally the way you’ll see a newly created list/library, including the columns you created and chose to appear in it.

Calendar View

This view that shows the information in a calendar instead of a list of items. You can decide which column you want to display on your calendar for a week, a month, a day and so on.

This also mean that you can turn any list with any information into a calendar. As long as you have a date and time column of course.

Datasheet view

The example of the Excel table earlier is a lot more suited for this type. The great thing about this one is that you can bulk edit your items at once directly in the list.

Gantt view

The concept of a Gantt chart is similar to a calendar since it’s based on the dates. It shows the progress of different elements in time. It would be very useful for a list of tasks related to a specific project with deadlines for example. With this view, you can have a better idea of the evolution of the project and if everything is on time.

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