Use slicers to filter table data in Microsoft Excel

 May 19, 2014

Slicers were first introduced in Excel 2010 and gave us a nice easy way of filtering PivotTable data. Instead of the typical drop-down list filtering in Excel, slicers have a set of buttons to enable quick filtering. It provides labels and details so that the user can easily comprehend how the data is appearing. In Excel 2013, we can now create slicers to filter table data. Slicers are useful because they clearly show what data is visible in the table after it has been filtered. In this post, I'll go through the steps in order to create slicers and filter your data in Excel 2013. Step 1: If necessary, convert your data range to a table. To do this, click anywhere in the data range. Go to the 'Insert' tab in the Ribbon and click the 'Table' command. Step 2: A new tab called 'Table Tools Design' will appear in the Ribbon as seen in the image below.

Use slicers to filter table data in Microsoft Excel Step 3: Click on the design tab and then select 'Insert Slicer' in the Tools group.

Use slicers to filter table data in Microsoft Excel

Step 4: The 'Insert Slicers' dialog box will open. Tick the boxes you want to create slicers for and then press OK. A slicer will appear for each header you checked.

Step 5: Another new tab called 'Slicer Design' will also now be visible and this can be used to format your slicers (e.g. change the colours, sizes etc.)

Step 6: To filter the data, click on the values in each slicer that you want to show in your table.  To select multiple values hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard when selecting.

Step 7: To clear the filter, click on the 'Clear Filter' button at the top right of the slicer.

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