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Feb 19, 2021

PowerShell Profiles – Have it Your Way

Did you know that PowerShell straight out of the box can have not 1 but 8 different profiles (at last count)! These profiles are a feature of the hosting applications – [...]

Feb 12, 2021

Service Design in ITIL®

Service Design is the ITIL® lifecycle stage that logically happens after the Strategy phase and before Transition. During the Design phase, we create new services [...]

Feb 04, 2021

Convert a Column to a Link-to-Item in SharePoint

In a SharePoint List or Library by default, there is a column from which you can edit or view the properties of an item, e.g. column Title in the picture. This [...]

Feb 01, 2021

Creating an awesome In-Memory Database

Creating your very first In-Memory Database. With the SQL Server 2014, Microsoft unveiled the inclusion of a new type of engine that would supposedly increase the [...]

Dec 14, 2020

Windows as a Service – The new Update Model

With the release of Windows 10 back at the end of July 2015, Microsoft also brought in a new update model, so out with the old monthly “Patch Tuesday” modality, and in [...]

Dec 10, 2020

Difference between ByVal and ByRef in VBA

When you design a procedure in VBA you may want to pass some data values to it for processing. You pass data through arguments; like a and h below on lines 6 to 8; [...]

Dec 07, 2020

Intro and setup for Xbox SmartGlass

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to consoles. At first we had consoles that were primarily used for gaming; nowadays we can use them for media services as [...]

Jul 24, 2020

Create Documents Archive Repository in SharePoint 2013

You can create a Document Library in SharePoint 2013 to manually or automatically transfer your old files to, from any site in a site collection. In order to do this you [...]

Jul 21, 2020

Visual creation of a Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

Hi Kids, welcome back for another thrilling, and hopefully edifying, blog post. You may recall that I wrote a blog a little while ago about creating a database using [...]

Jul 10, 2020

Implementing live tiles in a Windows Store App

Windows Store apps use tiles to launch the app from the start screen. Tiles can be static or they can be live, receiving notifications from your app or from some [...]

Mar 12, 2021

Development Sideloading of Windows Store Apps

If you want to run a Windows Store App on your tablet or laptop, the normal procedure is to visit the Windows Store, find the app you want and then install it on your [...]

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