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Feb 05, 2021

A big flop that broke the rules and broke the records

Working on my method of opening any book at any page and blindly putting your finger on a word, I thought I may as well do it in a book that is all about ideas. I [...]

Nov 11, 2020

Is your ‘Human Capital’ stock going up or down?

A Customer Service Manager from a medium sized business attending one of my seminars on Managing Multigenerational Teams recently stated: “My manager doesn’t want to [...]

Sep 07, 2020

OneDrive for Business Gets Some Major Enterprise Updates

OneDrive for Business – along with the rest of Office 365 – is known for Microsoft’s newish business process of delivering new features and updates as soon as they are [...]

Aug 05, 2020

When it's not harassment

I think most employees are only too familiar with the terms “harassment” and “bullying”. These may well be legitimate accusations in the workplace and should be dealt [...]

Jul 15, 2020

What Sort of Leader are You?

Our leadership style tends to be dependent on both the situation and the people we lead. We’ll take a closer look at three main styles: Autocratic, Democratic, and [...]

Apr 15, 2021

Tips for managing your team throughout their stages of development

Managing a team throughout various stages of development can begin by looking at Tuckman and Jensen's four-phase model for achieving a high performing team. It’s [...]

Mar 25, 2021

Ten classic business writing mistakes

Writing effective business correspondence does not come easy to all employees. They often lack self-confidence, or fear that what they write will be incorrect, too [...]

Dec 17, 2020

Our interpersonal rights and responsibilities in the workplace

As individuals in the workplace, I sense that some staff (for example, those in more junior positions, some employees from different cultural backgrounds, or possibly [...]

Jan 15, 2021

The challenges with selling human services
(Part 1)

Has the time come for smaller organisations operating within human services to take a leaf from the pages of the private sector’s strategic approach to business survival [...]

Dec 17, 2020

The impact of discounting and why you should not be offering it

What impact does discounting your products have on your profits? If you want to maintain the same amount of gross profit, how much more do you have to sell if you [...]

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