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 Feb 13, 2017

What is RESILIA™?

RESILIA™ is the certification designed to build Cyber Resilience from the top down i.e. from boardroom level to the person manning the reception desk.

The next question we ask is "what is Cyber Resilience?"

This is the ability for an organisation to resist, respond and recover from any attacks that will impact normal business procedures and will thus affect the business being profitable.

The certification is available a 2 components a foundation level and a practitioner level and the knowledge is reinforced by the Cyber Resilience Best practice guide.

RESILIA™ is aimed at an organisation as a whole from the board room level to the person looking after the reception desk. It is to help them understand of effectively managing Cyber Resilience.

The RESILIA™ courses are for the following groups:

  • IT and Security for all personnel with Service Management, Business Analysis, Information Security, Project Management, Development and all of the leadership roles CIO etc.
  • The Risk Management group
  • All core business groups from HR to Marketing

All these groups will benefit from RESILIA™ at least to a foundation level to provide awareness and Practitioner level to champions who may well more engaged to enforce correct cyber behaviour to the staff they engage with and look after.

There are organisations that have adopted ITIL and will find that it follows a similar life cycle approach to deploying and managing Cyber Resilience as they align to Strategy, Design Transition and Continuous Improvement, and will find it easy to adapt and adopt RESILIA™ into their organisation.

The activities covered by the best practice put into place controls and management procedures as they should be in each life cycle phase. The key point here is if organisations are already using ITIL, the integration of RESILIA™ will be easy and become part of their business as usual processes.

For more information, take a look at New Horizons' RESILIA™ training courses.

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About the Author:

Gina Davidovic  

Gina Davidovic, is a PRINCE2®, PMP, ACP, and PgMP certified trainer and project management practitioner with over 25 years experience in project, program and portfolio management. Gina has worked in many private and public sector organisations, and has expertise across various industries, including technology, mining, engineering, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government. With an international focus, she has held high-profile roles in Australia, Canada, and the United States delivering strategic project and programs. This real world experience coupled with excellent facilitation skills allows students to gain incredibly practical lessons through engaging and insightful delivery in her classes.

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