Our most popular Office Applications blog posts of 2016

 Jan 09, 2017

2016 was a diverse year for New Horizons. Our trainers worked on Office 365 productivity projects; taught dozens of advanced Excel classes; helped budding designers crack the secrets of InDesign, and took many other courses and projects.

All of our trainers teach great courses and also write some very handy ‘how-to’ blogs. We’ve listed our five most popular Office Applications-centric blogs of last year, based on how many views they picked up on social media.

Read them again, discover something new - and for more information, take a look at New Horizons' Office Applications training courses.


 Dec 13, 2020

If your organisation uses Office 365 then you have the ability to save files to the Cloud – to OneDrive. Saving files to OneDrive provides some benefits to both [...]

 Jul 14, 2020

Let’s say you have the company’s performance information in an Excel spreadsheet. Your manager wants you to chart the data so it is easier to present it in the next [...]

 Oct 25, 2020

The Master Document in Microsoft Word is a tool that gets highly overlooked but can provide a great level of efficiency when working on company files. If you have [...]

 Oct 13, 2020

You can remove all hyperlinks in an Excel sheet by writing only one statement in VBA and that’s: ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Delete Of course if you were to remove [...]

 Nov 17, 2020

Adobe InDesign is a remarkable tool for many print and marketing design projects. What happens if your project requires different size pages for each item you design [...]

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