Microsoft Project 2013 & 2016: Levelling Gantt

 Oct 11, 2016

Microsoft Project 2013 & 2016 allow you to use the Leveling Gantt to show the visual impact of the leveling of resources across your project.

Level Resource Assignments - Distribute project work evenly

Do some of your work resources have too much work assigned to them? You can resolve resource conflicts or over allocations by using the resource-leveling feature in Project. Leveling works by delaying tasks or splitting them such that the resources that are assigned to those tasks are no longer overloaded.

When it is leveling, Project does not change who is assigned to each task. Project levels only the work resources, generic resources, and committed resources. It does not level the material resources, cost resources, or proposed resources.

Note: Because of these changes to the tasks, leveling can delay the finish date of some tasks and consequently also the project's finish date.

Tip: Over allocated resources are marked in red in resource views, including Team Planner. In the Gantt Chart, over allocated resources are indicated by a red figure in the Indicators column. Prior to leveling, you may want to modify a few settings.

  • Task priorities: which are an indication of a task's importance and its availability for leveling.
  • Project priorities: which determine the project’s availability for leveling.
  • Leveling options: which help you fine-tune how Project determines which tasks are leveled, and to what extent.

For more information, check out our Project training courses.

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